STUDENT COMMENTS on recent classes & workshops for adults & children:

“You bring such enthusiasm and spirit toward our artwork that it cannot help but lift one’s whole demeanor in looking at life.” John T.

“You don’t teach a class, you inspire and teach the individual in a safe, non-threatening environment that encourages us to reach beyond our fears to express the joy of painting in an almost spiritual way!” Joanie M.

“I loved working with you and I know I learned an amazing amount…so thoroughly enjoyed your teaching and the working atmosphere in your class.” Nancy C.

“Your class opened a whole new world to me!” Greg U.

“You are an excellent instructor and you have given me renewed faith in myself as an artist!”
Judith J.

“Of all the art teachers that I have encountered you were the only one who provided the environment for the change in my painting by providing examples of a new form of expression along with encouragement and joy.” Peter S.

“You’re the tops! And all the Old-Timers agree with me!” Bill M.

“Your creative expertise and your unique ability to connect with the young artists at our school is what makes the kids want to come back for more!” Susan B.

“You opened my eyes and brought me to a new aspect of painting.” Sylvia F.

“You are such a fabulous teacher and artist -Thanks again!” Heidi & Mark C.

“Thank you for leading me back to the wonders of childhood through art.” Pat C.

“Thanks again for working your magic!” Noreen P.